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Legal Notice

Legal Advice and privacy politics

This web is property of  Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E., con CIF E-35377167 ubicated in Avda. TO Air Marin sn , 35100 Campo Internacional de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

This is information about the laws and reguations that govern the services offerd through our internet portalwww.maspalomasoasisclub.com(from now on "Portal")


Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E., in acordance to law 15/1999, of 13  Diciembre of Protección of Personal information ,aditionaly to self imposed etical standards, informes you about the handling of your personal information given to us by you freely by acessing our web by us.ing our online services.

Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.is not interested in obtaining any pesonal information of the users of our web and therefore will not instal any cookies aimed at identifying consumption or preferece patterns.Personal information will only be asked for if requierd for our online services.

Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E. has adopted tecnicalandorganizacional measures to avoid the loss ,missuse, alteration unauthorized acces or theft of information, using the most modern tecnology.

The right of acess, cancelation, amendment, or disapproval can be used, by acrediting your identity, by contactig Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E. Dpto. located on  Avda. TO Air Marin sn , 35100 Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria.

Use of the Portal

this portal has been created by Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.for information,entertainment and/ or financial purposes.The acess and/ or use of the portal means that you have to be a grown up and legaly capacitated to acept the following conditions to acess our portal.The user accepts explicitly and without exception that the acces and use of  the portal is his own and exclusive responsability,including passwords, and use or acces of the portal or any of our services by others.

the user pledges to use the portal its servicesand contents acording to law, good will generaly accepted normal use and public order.Use with harmful intention to theBungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E. or ilegal use is prohibited ,as is harmful use in any way ,.against  third parties.or use thatt interferes or harms the normal functioning of the portal.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.is making and effort to avoid whatever mistake that might appear in the portal, but is in no way resposible of the consecuences that might derive from such errors

.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.reserves the right to denegate  acces to the portal ,without previous advice, to anyone who violates the rules for acces and use of the portal.

Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.will not be responsible for any ,posibly, harmfull results to users by the use of the navigator in all of its versions,or by interferences,omissions,interupcions,viruses,telefone line breakdowns or disconections due to operational malfunction of our electronic system caused by third parties;nor by blockage  overcarges or deficiencies in your data processing systems internet or other electronic systems ;nor of damage caused by third parties by illegal use or access.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.will also not assume any responsability for posible harm by erroneous ,defectous or incomplete information provided by us.


Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.will not be responsible for contents,products any inclusive services that can be visualized by links directly or indirectly in our Portal.Our link are for information purpose only,in no way are they meant to invite or suggest the use of these links in any different way.We have nothing to do with the companies or people who offer these links.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.reserves the right to cancel unilateraly and whenever al links in our portal .We cannot be held responsible for any effects caused by the transmission of information between users,or opinions fotos or whatever expressed in foums ,chats or alike.Speading of user dates using our portal and violations of intelectual property rights,immoral illegal,obscen,pornografic or any other non-ethic content is prohibited.

Deep-links or frames using pages of the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.portal are prohibitaed without written aproval of us likewise not allowed are false, incorrect or incomplete statements about the pages in and the content of the portal and its services.Any signs tradmarks logotyps,slogans and similars of Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.can not be used by without expessed written permission

Intelectual and industrial property

All content of the portal,like fotos images,graphics,text,icons,tecnologie,software,links and all other audiovisual , tracks and grafic design (fromnow on referred to as Contents ) are intelectual property of the maspalomasoasis club c.b.e.or the developer of the portal or third parties and are legaly reserved or in process of reservation .The rights of usage are not yielded to the user for any purpose apart from the strictly necesary for the correct use of the portal.The maspalomas oasis club,c.b.e. does not autorize any use of its intelectual or industrial property or any other right or property related to our web site and the services it offers.

Users or third parties are strictly prohibited to  modifie, alter , copy, reproduce, adapt or translate without explicit agreement .The user is authorized to print copies of the portals contents unless it is  a third party content identified as such ,and only for non comercial use and with copyright and intelectual or industrial property information printed on each copy. no logotype or tradmark of the maspalomas oasis club c.b.e.can be reproduced or used without our written agreement.

All the elements at your disposition ,property of Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E. or thirds included in the portal does in no way mean the yielding of usage or ownership rights to the user.additionaly to the before mentioned the partial or complete reproduction of the portals contents in any way including the frame,or any work based on the portal or its contents ,the incorporation of its contents in other webs or recovery systems or publications is prohibited.If a user or other person considers that his rights have been violated by the introduction of certain contents in our portal,please inform Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.. imediately.It is prohibited to obtain acces to the contains of the portal by any other means than the one provided by us,or general use of the web,without causing any harm to the portalof the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.. 

Users  who provide us with fotos ,grafic or multimedia information agree to yield the rights of such to Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.. while on our portal.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.. has no obligation with the users who provide us with such information and reserves the rights to delete such information without any previous notification.

Data recopilation and handling

the users explicitly agree to our usage of their personal informating, to control and manage the demanded services and the incorporation of new services and products.The user also agrees to all type of changes on our web / portal.The user can renounce any time of using our portal without this decission being retroactiv,comunication this decission to administracion@maspalomasoasisclub.com our through the means available on the portal.All information you provide us through the portals enquieries must be true.the user is responsable of the informations veracity and its constant update,the user is the only responsible of any false information which causes harm to the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.

legal responsability

the user will be held responsible off all negativ effects caused caused by him directly or indirectly to the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.


acess of the portal does not make us responsible of the information you provide us with,we are not responsible of the decissions others might take based on false information.

Service quality

the usage of the portal does not make the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.responsible of any virus,or any other maleware,worms etc.The user is responsible of an adequat anti virus equipment.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.is not responsible of any harmfull effects to your or thrid partys computer systems.

service availability

acces of the portal requires services and suplies of others then the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E. including data transfer through telecomunication nets the quality consitency or functioning is beyond our control and therefore we are not resposable of it.the serices the portal provides can therfore be suspended interupted inaccesible or altered.Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E.. is not responsible for and harm that might result of such failures in any way.

legal advice and acceptance

the user agrees to use the portal acording to laws, this information, the conditions of each of the services, customs and public order.The user also agrees to not use the portal and it's services for unlawful purposes, or in any way to cause harm to the Bungalows Maspalomas Oasis ClubC.B.E or others.nor damage or change the portal ,webs, or services in any way that could alter the good function or usability of the portal for others.

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